Leadership Team£º

Curator£ºMr. Hou Denglu Tel & Fax:£¨0311£©80786331
Party Secretary£ºMr. Liu Zongli Tel:£¨0311£©80786332
Associate Curator£ºMs. Zhang Lijuan Tel:£¨0311£©80786333
Associate Curator£ºMs. Liu Shaorong Tel:£¨0311£©80786334
Associate Curator£ºMr. Zhao Haifei ¡¡Tel:£¨0311£©80786335
Office Manager: Mr.Wang Qunzhong Tel:£¨0311£© 80786330

Department of Collections & Resources Development
The Collections & Resources Department is responsible for selecting, ordering, and receiving books. Other duties include receiving gift books, donating books, and accepting special orders. It is also responsible for processing, cataloging, and classifying both Chinese and Western (English, Germany, French etc.) books, and organizing the virtual resources, in order to provide the library users with effective access to the Library¡¯s collections and information resources.


Circulation Department
The Circulation Department is responsible for checking books in and out, and all books layout, position management, and the restoration of damaged books,and responsible for manageing books donated from readers.


Newspaper & Journal Department
The Periodicals Reading Room houses the current issues of journals and newspapers, including previously published journals and newspaper. Other duty includes ordering and receiving journals and newspapers.


E-Reading Room & Learning Commons
In charge of management & maintenance of LC area, discussion cabins, self-service printing system, electronic instruments for loaning & the affiliated facilities; consulting service for readers on E-resources; helping to improve the readers' ability to use computer; management & loaning of the CD attached with books.


Subject Service Department
The Subject Service Department is responsible for the multi-disciplinary professional books and periodicals lending services and management.It is also responsible for various forms of subject service work in multi-disciplinary instruction and research.


Technique & Maintenance Development
The Technique & Maintenance Department assists library users with technical problems when using computers and electronic resources. It is also in charge of publishing information about Library work for the readers.


General Information Desk
In charge of giving reception to all kinds of readers & solving problems readers might meet; introducing new books, assisting readers' work & providing consulting service in general; managing the procedures on overdue, damaged & lost books; feedbacking useful info. to the Department of Collections & Resources Development in the light of readers' opinions; introducing new kinds of service to readers.

General Office
The Office is responsible for the coordination between Hebei Normal University Library and other units, the arrangement for exhibition, reception of visits, and maintenance of facilities and safety.





Collections & Resources Development


General Information Desk

Subject Service

Newspapers & Journals

Technique & Maintenance

E-reading Room£¨LC Center£©

General Office

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